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Reimo roof fitting

We specialise in all Reimo roof fitting from high tops to elevating roofs. We have dealt with many other leading roof suppliers and from over the years and returning customers the Reimo roof has stood the test of time and is the market leader. Reimo are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and always looking to improve on what is already the best roof solution on the market today.

We offer different roof options to suit your needs with colour coordination to match your vehicle. We always have plenty of stock so can book it in very quick and get you of enjoying your camper without having to wait 6 months.

There are lots of different options for the Reimo TUV approved roofs we have them all are in stock here in the UK. Its best to give us a ring or drop us an email to work out what’s best for your needs. There are some pictures of different roofs here to give you some guidance.

Reimo Elevating Roofs Price (Plus VAT)
SWB Superflat Rear Elevating Roof £3,800
LWB Superflat Front Elevating Roof £4,200
LWB Superflat Rear Elevating Roof £4,200
SWB Easy Fit Front Elevating Roof £4,200
SWB Easy Fit Rear Elevating Roof £4,500
LWB Easy Fit Front Elevating Roof £4,500
LWB Easy Fit Rear Elevating Roof £4,500
SWB Easy Fit V-Tech Roof With Open Ski £4,600
SWB Deluxe Roof Bed £1,000
SWB Standard Roof Bed £520
LWB Standard Roof Bed £550

All Roofs Come In Standard White Colour Coding Can Be Added Before Fitting For £500 Plus VAT

Reimo High Top Roofs Price (Plus VAT)
VW T5/T6 SWB Sportline High Top Roof £3,400
VW T5/T6 LWB Sportline High Top Roof £3,800
Lining & Insulating SWB High Top Roof £1000
Lining & Insulating LWB High Top Roof £1100

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